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Takala Trails Terriers is a Canadian dog breeder of Airedale, Irish, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. We are dedicated to breeding healthy, quality dogs conforming to breed standards with excellent temperaments that can excel in the show ring as well as being the family pet. If you would like to receive more information about us, please visit the contact us section on our web site. This website provides you with more information about the different types of terriers that we breed.

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Ch Horsinaround Vintage Brew   Murphy
The Airedale Terrier
Ch. Indus George of Victoria - Pictured Above

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  The Irish Terrier
Ch. Takala Trails Murphy - Pictured Above

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CH Takala Trails Olive  
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier
CH Takala Trails Olive - Pictured Above

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Grooming Tips
Grooming sessions should be an enjoyable time for both you and your dog. With this in mind, introduce your puppy to short grooming sessions. Ideally he should feel comfortable being touched on all parts of his body, including his paws and teeth. This will not happen overnight but only with patience and frequent sessions.

During a grooming session there should be as few distractions as possible. It is easier to groom on a grooming table than on the floor. The table of course should be steady with good footing for the dog.

Frequent grooming reduces body odours and lessens the need for bathing. The Terrier does not shed and the dead hair can easily be brushed or pulled out with little discomfort to the dog. If the dog is not being prepared for a show, than clippering the coat especially for the summer months is another option.

Should be clipped or filed every couple of weeks. Overlong nails cause the feet to splay and cause the dog to walk on the back of its feet. Be careful not to cause bleeding by clipping the nail too short. Angling the clipper forward on the top of the nail will help avoid this. Taking small amounts at regular intervals will keep the nails at a desirable length.

Should be checked regularly and have excess hair plucked or trimed from the inside. A mixture of equal parts of alcohol, vinegar and water can be use with a cotton swab to remove dirt and wax from the folds.

Should be brushed or wiped regularly. Also feeding raw carrots and apples as well as TD Prescription biscuits obtained from the vet will help keep the dogs teeth and gums healthy. However this will not prevent the build up of tartar completely. Yearly checkups and periodic scaling will be necessary, especially with the Irish Terriers.

Begin socializing and training your dog at an early age. Puppy classes are a good idea.

  • Terriers are fun loving dogs, they respond much better to praise then punishment.
  • Don't bore your dog. Terriers are too smart to be robots. Keep training sessions short and fun.
  • At home your puppy needs a consistent set of rules to live by. Everyone in the family needs to follow these rules. For example: parts of the house which are out of bounds.
  • Crate training is recommended for "potty training" your puppy at night. Removing the water dish 2 hours before bedtime will help. Remember your puppy has a limited capacity and should not be left for long periods of time in his crate.

Obedience Work
The Terriers natural intelligence and desire to please make them readily adaptable to obedience training. However other characteristics such as curiosity, independence and stubborness sometimes get in the way. The purpose of obedience class is to teach your dog to respond to your command under any circumstance. Along with this comes a mutual respect between you and your dog, and an opportunity to know him better.

Although he may not like the repetitive and routine obedience of the novice class, a well taught exercise will remain in his memory forever. Keep in mind, he will not miss an occasion to make the spectators laugh. A good sense of humour is necessary when attending an obedience class with a Terrier. However, there are exceptions, and some Terriers do achieve very high scores in competition.



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