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Takala Trails Ranch

We are very proud of our horses at Takala Trails Ranch. We have been breeding and training our own horses since 1992 using the principles of Natural Horsemanship, first introduced to us by Pat Parelli. Our foundation stock consisted of a sport horse stallion, we produced from our Appendix Quarterhorse mare bred to Amiro, a Dutchwarmblood stallion from Victoria . We in turn bred him to American Bashkir Curly mares brought in from Alberta, to produce athletic, hardy, and nice tempered horses, that are a joy to be around. It is very rewarding to see a group of our home raised horses being safely, and happily used by novice riders for lessons, trail riding, and showing. We believe in allowing our horses to be horses, running free together in large pastures. They are brought in every night for grain and supplements, but are let out again weather permitting. We feel this keeps them well-adjusted and free from developing undesirable vices which usually arise from boredom and isolation.


From time to time we offer horses for sale. Be sure to visit our blog to keep up to date with available horses, activities around the farm and of course our terriers!


It is still a mystery how the Curly Horses came to North America. There are many theories, but no factual proof. There is evidence that the Sioux and Crow made use of the Curly or Woolly coated horses in the late 1700's. Later, in the early 1900's Curly horses were domesticated by Peter Damele from stock which survived a particularly severe winter in the mountains of Nevada. In 1971 a registry was established in Ely, Nevada, with the intent of preserving these unique horses. It was believed, at that time, that these Curlies were descendents of a rugged breed of Mongol or Russian horse from the Bashkiri region of Russia; hence the name of this registry.

The breed is known for it's ruggedness, it's intelligence and exceptional endurance, but there most cherished quality is their extremely gentle disposition and their love of human companionship. They love to please and will try to do all that is asked of them. As a result of all this the Bashkir Curly is beginning to establish an impressive record in many areas of competition as well as being excellent mounts for ranch work, trail riding and an all-around pleasure horse. Another very important feature is that the Curly horse is hypo-allergenic! This makes it possible for people that have allergies to be able to participate in equestrian activities and their love of horses.


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